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UNFULFILLED DREAMS: The Story of a Father and a Son
by Francis W. Biehl as told to Ed Robertson

What would you do if one of your children had less than a year to live? That was the challenge that faced Frank Biehl when his eldest son, Tom, was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. Just 25 years old, Tom was a bright young man with a promising future that was about to be cut short. Like many parents, Frank’s relationship with Tom had challenges of its own, moments of misunderstanding. Can he somehow bridge the gaps of the past before it's too late?

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by Jean Davis with Ed Robertson

They say life never gives us more than we can handle... that whatever doesn’t break us, only makes us stronger. We’ve heard it said a thousand times, and yet it’s really true. Just ask Brooks and Jean Davis. They spent 12 years helping their youngest son, Ron, overcome addiction. They'd just overcome this tragedy when suddenly they were dealt another. How many times can one’s spirit be tested before it is finally broken?

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Thirty Years of The Rockford Files:
An Inside Look at America's Greatest Detective Series

by Ed Robertson

The complete history of the iconic, influential Emmy Award-winning series starring James Garner... all in one book!

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Ed Robertson was the collaborator on VOICE OF REASON by award-winning, National Radio Hall of Fame nominee Ronn Owens of KGO-AM San Francisco, Northern California's  No. 1 radio station for more than 30 years. Ronn's book is a lively look at politics, elections, wedge issues, pop culture and other slice-of-life topics from the perspective of the political center. The book placed in the Top Ten of many bestseller lists, including the San Francisco Chronicle.  

To read a sample chapter of VOICE OF REASON, click here.
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by Judith Barad, Ph.D. with Ed Robertson

Based on a popular course taught by Dr. Barad at Indiana State University, The Ethics of Star Trek uses the actions of Captains Kirk, Picard, Sisko and Janeway as a model to illustrate classic philosophy and timeless ethical precepts to a general audience. 

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by Ed Robertson

The complete history of the classic Western series that made James Garner a star, launched the career of legendary producer Roy Huggins, and broke all the rules about television heroes.

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by Ed Robertson

The behind-the-scenes history of The Fugitive (ABC, 1963-1967), the Emmy Award-winning drama that made David Janssen a star and established producer Quinn Martin as a purveyor of quality television.

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"My Dad Story," a vignette about a seminal moment in my relationship with my father that occurred as I was writing The Fugitive Recaptured, is among the 101 stories featured in the New York Times bestselling anthology Chicken Soup for the Writer's Soul, while "A Glass of Lemonade," a short but powerful memoir that I co-wrote with Vincent Luong and Mary Gardner, appears in A Sixth Bowl of Chicken Soup for the Soul.






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