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On TV, Death's Actually Quite Common
How to Create a Winning Miniseries
Chasing Farrah: A Parody Out of Time
Ultimate Cliffhanger: Who Shot J.R.?
The Accidental 1953 Academy Awards
Carson Was Really a Daytime Kinda Guy
Note to Networks: Bring Back the Wheel
History Lesson: Birth of the Midseason
How TV Has Changed Over 40 Years
Gilligan's Island as, Well, Literature
The Utter Futility of Clean TV Crusades
Why 8 Simple Rules is Still Around
What The O.C. Needs to Score Again
When Bad Things Happen to Good Cops
Reality Television Is On the Wane ... Not
Who's Really the Star of Boston Legal
Desperate Housewives as Soap Opera
Memo to Fox: Raid FX For Its Hit Shows
How to Breathe Life into Six Feet Under
Memo to David E. Kelley: Tighten Up
A Bold Defense of the Oft-Dissed Rerun
What Joey Needs to Succeed This Fall
The Sitcom is Not Dead ... Friends Died
What Fox Must Do to Fix American Idol
What Sex in the City Owes The Golden Girls
Why Curb Your Enthusiasm Works
We Dare Say It: Sex Needs a Rest
Come Fall, A Look at Schedule Changes
Monday Night Football's Chance Magic
Sadly (Maybe Not), Most Summer Shows Fail
When Perfect Doesn't Make Practice
Memo to Susan Lyne: Bring Back Movie of the Week
Reworking 24 to Beat the Clock
What It Takes for a Successful Spinoff
Here's How to Fix Boston Public
Don't Bet the Ranch on Lucky
With War, Think Escapist Television
Don't Bet the Feta on My Big Fat Greek Life
History Speaks to Reality's Untimely End
Dragnet Must Escape Its History


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Ed Robertson is an award-winning author, journalist
analyst whose articles
 appear in
The New York
, Media Life Magazine
and other media venues.
He also hosts TV Confidential,
a radio talk show about
 television featuring lively
 conversations about
all aspects of television.


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