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As a solo writer, I write extensively about entertainment and media. As a freelance ghost writer and collaborative editor, however, I've provided content for many nonfiction genres, including:

  • politics

  • history

  • philosophy

  • humor

  • memoirs and biographical projects

  • business

  • true crime

  • film and television

  • books about celebrities

  • narrative nonfiction

I help clients develop their material into compelling, marketable books that also capture their individual voice, personality and passion for their subject. My previous collaborations include The Ethics of Star Trek, which I co-authored with Indiana State University professor Judith Barad; the memoirs Keep on Keeping On and Unfulfilled Dreams; as well as projects with New York Times bestselling author Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), National Radio Hall of Fame nominee Ronn Owens (Voice of Reason), and nationally acclaimed political satirist and stand-up comedian Will Durst.

I am also a successful book doctor, developmental editor, and consultant. I am recruited by literary agents, independent book publishers, and individual authors to advise on, polish, retool and, in some cases, rewrite book proposals and/or edit manuscripts and make them marketable for mainstream publication. My work in this capacity has helped lead to the publication of such titles as
Big Brown: The Untold Story of UPS by Greg Niemann; The Target, a political thriller by Bill Bowen; and Once Upon a Time: Elvis and Anita, the memoirs of recording artist Anita Wood, which I edited on behalf of the book's author, Jonnita Brewer Barrett.

I have also written or edited hundreds of articles for print and online newspapers, magazines, custom publications, websites, and other media venues, including Columbia House Video Library. In addition, for four years I was copyeditor for an award-winning lifestyles and entertainment magazine, where I edited/rewrote articles for every department while upholding the publication's high standards of excellence.

I also provide consultation to individual authors on areas related to writing and publishing, including advice on obtaining a literary agent; coaching; writing, editing and/or preparing query letters and query packages to potential agents or publishers; and consulting for those who may decide to self-publish. In some instances, I have helped authors line-edit and format their manuscripts for publication using print on demand platforms.

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"Ed is very easy to work with. He knew how I think and how I speak and conveyed it perfectly. 
I cannot imagine a better collaborator."

Ronn Owens
National Radio Hall of Fame nominee,
Radio Talk Show Host,
Voice of Reason

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