Original Air Date:
    November 8, 1974

    Synopsis. An elderly couple who claim to be the parents of Cliff Hoad hires Rockford to tail Carol Thorne, a recently paroled convict (played by Lynette Mettey) who is also Cliff’s former girlfriend. Rockford doesn’t realize that his client is a con artist named who, along with Cliff and two other men, robbed a Marine Corps payroll of $1.2 million three years earlier. Miles wants Carol to lead him to Cliff—and to where Cliff stashed the moneyLEARN MORE about this episode in the revised third edition of 45 YEARS OF THE ROCKFORD FILES, featuring more than sixty new pages of never before published information about both the original Rockford Files and the CBS reunion movies, including twenty new interviews and six new appendices. 25 percent of the net proceeds from the sales of 45 YEARS OF THE ROCKFORD FILES will be donated to The James Garner Animal Rescue Fund, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising funds to help rescue organizations, shelters, individuals, fosters, and veterans with emergencies, evacuations, medical care, adoptions, training, pet supplies, shelter, rehabilitation, boarding, transportation, food, and other pressing needs. JGARF is one way for Garner fans to honor Jim’s memory and extend his legacy. Plus… if you order 45 YEARS OF THE ROCKFORD FILES directly from Black Pawn Press, you will receive an exclusive bonus gift. Go to Rockford45.com for more details