“I have worked with Ed on a number of different projects and he is an incredibly gifted editor. He can streamline writing in a way that is clear and concise while also somehow keeping track of the big picture. Ed has not only brought enormous value to all of the projects we’ve worked on together, but he is also incredibly easygoing, flexible, and resourceful.”

Lori Rassas,
author of The Perpetual Paycheck,
Over the Hill (But Not the Cliff), and other books

“Ed is a wonderful writer and really knows how to get to the subject’s core.”

MaryAnn Rea,
Vice-President, Development & Administration,
MGB Productions

“Ed is very easy to work with. He knew how I think and how I speak and conveyed it perfectly. I cannot imagine a better collaborator.”

Ronn Owens,
National Radio Hall of Fame nominee,
Award-Winning Radio Talk Show Host,
Author, Voice of Reason

“The biggest reason [this publication] exists and the largest contribution is from a talented editor by the name of Ed Robertson… Ed was of prime importance to the presentation of this work and a major contributing factor to its success. To be successful, you must work with successful people. I feel I have done so.”

Lee Wilcox,
Author, The Next Step in Successful Selling

“Ed was a bountiful source of developmental editing, pointing out plot elements that were inadequately developed and style patterns that would lose the reader’s engagement. He is an excellent editor.”

Bill Bowen,
Author, The Target

“Ed is a great writer. We worked on several projects while I was a producer at Columbia House. Ed was always a pleasure to deal with, and his copy was always spot-on. I highly recommend him.”

Anthony Saggese,
Listener Care Product Manager at Sirius XM Radio Inc.

“Ed Robertson is a classic triple threat of the magazine world. First, he’s a copy editing machine. Seldom does anything slip by him, if ever. Second, he’s one of those rare copy editors who’s not just a semicolon geek, but he can write smart, witty, well-researched stories. And third, he’s an incredibly likable guy who can work seamlessly within any team of creative people. Can’t wait to work with him again.”

John Newlin,
Editor-in-Chief, Livingly Media
former Editor-in-Chief, The Wave magazine

“Ed was/is the most talented copy editor I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He has a passion for the written word like few others. He works quickly and efficiently, and is able to perform numerous other editing and writing duties with the same gusto and gall. I highly recommend Ed for any position in the field of writing and editing.”

Mitchell Alan Parker,
Editor/Writer, Houzz magazine
Former staff editor, The Wave magazine

“Ed Robertson is a one-man, entertainment industry powerhouse: Writer, author, journalist, media historian, radio host, producer…. One of Ed’s many concentrations is classic television, and yet he is no backward thinker. His eyes and vision for accomplishment are always front and center with an eye toward the future. I recommend that you not only hire Ed for any worthy literary, publishing or media assignment, but do so before somebody else does in your place.”

Herbie J Pilato,
Actor, Author, Producer, Media Historian and Talk Show Host

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